Providing legal representation to buyers, sellers (including "short" sellers) and lenders.

We believe that it is our obligation to work to bring about the smooth  tranfer of ownership of the house that the seller wants to sell... the buyer  who wants to buy, working cooperatively to the extent possible with the realtors, attorneys and lenders who will be involved. 

  • Our flat fee for all normal activities anticipated in the typcial closing is payable at closing - no up front fee is expected. 
  • Our "no up front fee" policy also applies to sellers anticipating a "short sale".
  • Consultation to existing clients during the negotiation process is available, at no additional fee.
  • We have represented many lenders and use that expertise to assist in making the deal go. 


Contact us at or at 1.866.LEGALLB for further information.


Lenders we have represented include:

Bank of America.

First Niagara

Banco Popular,

Coldwell Banker Mortgage

Wells Fargo

Cendant Mortgage

Apex, Mortgage Services,

PHH Mortgage Services,


Myles Mortgage,

Ames Mortgage,

Freedom Mortgage,

Fleet Mortgage,

 HUB Bank,



Some of the Real Estate Offices we have worked with:


BUYERS                     SELLERS                 LENDERS